Supporting Pragmatic Democrats to Move Washington Forward


When it comes to promoting balanced Democratic leadership in state government, the Jackson Legacy Fund is the political action committee most trusted to make an impact. For over 10 years, the “JLF” has united employers, trade unions,  individuals, and other organizations with the goal to elect and retain pragmatic Democrats who appeal to the state’s political center.


“Others may seek to make America great again. I seek to make America good again. For in the last analysis our claim to greatness will be found in our goodness.” 

– U.S. Senator Henry Jackson, 1976, America and Freedom’s Future

Like “Scoop” the candidates and lawmakers we support do not fit neatly into ideological molds. They may find themselves middle of the road straddling the line between the two major parties. But, their leadership is sorely needed to help guide our state to better outcomes. Please join the JLF to support a team of Democrats applying a pragmatic approach to governing.

Jackson Legacy Fund by the Numbers

Amount Raised (2021-2022 Election Cycle)


Share of Contributions from Trade Unions

Endorsed Democrats Across Washington

Candidates We Support in the 2022 Cycle

1Bergquist, Steve - D11 - RentonRepresentative
2Bronoske, Dan - D28 - LakewoodRepresentative
3Chapman, Mike - D24 - Port AngelesRepresentative
4Conway, Steve - D29 - TacomaSenator
6Hackney, David - D11 - TukwilaRepresentative
7Hobbs, Steve - DStatewideSecretary of State
8Leavitt, Mari - D28 - University PlaceRepresentative
9Lovick, John - D44 - Mill CreekSenator
10Pedersen, Jaime - D43 - SeattleSenator
11Reeves, Kristine - D30 - Federal WayRepresentative
13Rule, Alicia - D42 - BlaineRepresentative
14Ryu, Cindy - D32 - ShorelineRepresentative
15Salomon, Jesse - D32 - ShorelineSenator
16Smith, Trevor - D40 - BellinghamRepresentative
17Springer, Larry - D45 - KirklandRepresentative
18Valdez, Javier - D46 - SeattleSenator
19Walen, Amy - D48 - KirklandRepresentative
21Stearns, Chris - D47 - AuburnRepresentative
22Rave, Lelach - D46 - RavennaRepresentative
23Paul, Dave - D10 - Oak HarborRepresentative
24Berry, Liz - D36 - Queen AnneRepresentative
25Liias, Marko - D21 - EverettSenator
26Shavers, Clyde - D10 - Oak HarborRepresentative
27Richards, Adison - D26 - Gig HarborRepresentative
28Berg, April - D44 - Mill CreekRepresentative

Major Donors to the Jackson Legacy Fund Include…