Thank you for your interest in supporting the Jackson Legacy Fund (JLF)

Founded in 2010, JLF believes in a big tent Democratic party, one with room for candidates who appreciate the many diverse interests of our state’s private economy.

JLF endorsed candidates bring perspectives that need to be heard within the Democratic Caucus. We need your help to ensure they will have that opportunity in the future.

Please, join with us, and together we can uphold the strong tradition of pragmatic Democratic leadership in Washington State.

To help us save on credit card processing fees, please mail a check to:

Jackson Legacy Fund
PO Box 21961
Seattle, WA 98111

The Jackson Legacy Fund is a Washington State designated Political Action Committee, and a Federally registered 527 Political organization. Contributions are not tax deductible. Mailing Address: PO Box 21961 Seattle, WA 98111. Tax ID: 81-2080103.